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At the end of the day, we love making people              with delicious food.


We source high-quality, organic and natural ingredients including premium meats and fresh seafood to create meals that complement your time in Tahoe. 

Our menus are crafted with careful attention to detail, keeping in mind the ideas we get from you as well as any special needs like diets or allergies—as well as your youngest eaters. As much as our team loves eating a full assortment of dishes, Chef Amy’s own experience with food allergies gives her a personal understanding that equips her to get creative even within the strictest confines.

Seasonal flavors and available ingredients play the strongest role in how we suggest menus for the meal you’re hosting—along with any theme ideas you may have, like a taco night or a barbecue grill out.

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menu ideas

These menu selections are ideas from recent clients and indicators of our culinary style as well as locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. Obviously, we cook far more than what’s listed below, but one of the questions we hear most often is “What should we eat?” This is our way of providing you some food for thought, pun intended.


cooking for


Some of your little eaters may not have the most mature palate, but they certainly deserve a yummy meal! We’ll work with you to plan what to serve the youngest members of your crowd, incorporating more familiar foods with fun and upscale twists, or even serving slightly-tweaked versions of what the adults are having—think milder flavors, smaller portions but the same look and feel.

Cooking for Allergies &

special diets

The way we see it, each guest’s needs are important, whatever they are—and if there’s one thing we know will make someone feel left out, it’s being served a meal that’s entirely different than the rest of the table, so we won’t do that!

Amy and our team can cook gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, you-name-it, and still make a meal packed with delightful flavor. We’ve cooked for a full array of clients including professional athletes who stick to strict training diets as well as clients with the most-severe of food allergies.

If you’ve got a food allergy or special diet we need to keep in mind, we’ll make sure we get to know a bit more about it so we can best plan your menu and prepare your food in a way that is safe for you (or your guests.)

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